How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

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A useful social media share for your clients. Many people are stuck with too much stuff! If you don’t have enough items for a full-on garage sale or you don’t have a place for a garage sale, or you simply do not have enough time to sit all day Saturday and Sunday on your driveway, Facebook Marketplace is the perfect place to stage a virtual garage sale. Selling (or giving things away free) on Facebook Marketplace is also useful for saving time, hauling fees, dump fees, and other fees, costs, and timewasters that come along with getting rid of big items or items you don’t want or need anymore – including furniture, electronics, vehicles, vehicle parts, and outdoor and landscaping “stuff”

This video is a great Facebook Marketplace primer and covers many of the important topics, such as how to deal with no-shows, how to avoid no-shows, how to keep safe and most importantly, how to make money!

In the video, Lindey also mentions several other online apps, including and  There are many other apps and resources for local online selling and getting rid of unwanted items, such as,, and

Happy Selling!


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